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  • 1 Cliffside Cabin Candle (Seabug wax of North Cove)

  • 1 ¾ Mushbottles

  • 10 Boskybosh Berries

  • 4 Bones of Squammipennies, ground

  • 20 Chalybean Creepers

Combine the white Mushbottles and Boskybosh Berries and pound till juices are released. Gradually add the ground Squammipennes bones to the mixture, mix till just combined. Set aside. Remove the poisonous stems of the Chalybean Creeper, and place the stems in a bowl of Popps’ Vinegar. Once the vinegar turns a darkish blue colour, add the rest of the flower. Gently heat the Creeper and vinegar mixture with the heat of the Cliffside Cabin Candle. Once body temperature, add your Mushbottle and berry mixture. Place a lid over the bowl and continue to heat the mixture with the candle, bringing it to a gentle simmer. Using the candle allows the Seabug essence to seep into the mixture, which aids in releasing the necessary chemicals to eradicate the Breadbug. After the candle is no longer, allow the mixture to cool to a thick consistency. Store in a lead bottle, in a cool place and out of direct sunlight until needed. Lasts for 3-5years.


Similar shape to a tadpole, but the size of a fish. Their teeth and most of their bodily structure is made from cartilage. The only bone in their body is a small one for the bridge of their nose, thus making the purchasing of their bones quiet expensive. Their bodies also provide very little flesh.

(both crushed bones and flesh are used)

Cliffside Cabin Candle

(Seabug wax of North Cove) 

Only found in the Cliffside cabin of Master Olent Cot, the last Seabug miller. It is not the wax but the wick, which when heated, becomes a water flame. This type of flame infuses with the herbs and medicines in the wax, creates something similar to a hot spring. Supports growth of life, and fertility. Has a greenish flame with a fishy smelling gas.


Often grow in and along coastal areas. They are shaped like a bottle and are filled with an earthy liquid that they convert from water. As the plant fills with water, the skin becomes thin, translucent and slightly bubbly.

Chalybean Creeper

Has a beautiful aroma that lures lonely wanderers and hungry bugs into its mouth. It grows on a long vine, which allows it to actually move along the forest floor, similar to a snake.

Boskybosh Berries

The plant appears to have scales similar to a dragon fruit. It must be cut off from the stem, otherwise you run the risk of the scales coming loose of each other, and the entire plant falling apart. Inside the plant, and underneath the small berries, is a juicy pip, which provides a concentrated liquid of the flavour of the berries. It must be plucked young, otherwise the pip will dry up and becomes too hard to squeeze the liquids from. However, the pip can still be eaten in the dried state, and is similar to a sultana. If you leave a young, juicy pip in a small glass of vinegar overnight, can produce water. The veins and roots of the tree grow into the plant, making it difficult to remove, need a special knife.


Bag ‘o’ bones

If you’ve recently cut your hand on a piece of mirror and don’t want to switch places with your mirror double, collect the bones of seven animals before the full moon and place it in a bag with one shard of the broken mirror.

Note:- Do not use the skulls of these animals as they contain fragments of consciousness that clings like residue to the inside of skulls long after the animal has died. While your mirror self cannot possess bone, they will be able to control the consciousness of the past animal and may find other means of taking over.




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