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Often an incredibly rare fever which occurs as a result of lacerations made by a fallen star. The first symptom of the fever is a growth of small quartz and metallic spherical scabs across the forehead. If left untreated, or in particularly severe cases, this growth will spread across the body and start to transform into a porous rock material, greatly restricting the mobility of the individual till they are unable to move all together. The individual will completely solidify and became a rocky, crystalline statue of their former selves. In areas where star fallings are frequent, such as the Eastern Waylands and Northern Wittelands, there are forests of petrified individuals who have succumbed to the disease. In order to counteract the fever, it is best to act as soon as symptoms appear for it can take as little as 24hours for complete petrification. This cure requires acidic and reactive elements.

- 10ml soured Zackles milk (for best results sour with Odilius Eye sap overnight)
- 4 Quanquelberry Lemons, zested and juiced
- 1 Pickled Longnam, finely sliced
- 15g white mineral crust from Farren Hot spring

Sour the Zackles milk the night before with three drops of Odilius Eye sap (approximately 7 hours). Heat the soured Zackles milk with the Quanquelberry Lemon juice till the milk separates into curds and whey. Strain the curd with a cheese cloth, set aside whey. Crush the mineral crust till it resembles a floury substance. Once completed, add the crushed minerals, the zest of a Quanqeulberry and the Pickled Longnam to the curd and mix till it forms a dough. Roll the dough into small balls using the palms of your hand and then fry in hot oil till golden. Once fried, place in the previously set-aside whey, and allow to soak till double in size. One ball should be sufficient in stopping the spread of spangled fever. Lasts up to two weeks in a sealed container.

Hey, love your recipes I’m a long time fan! I’ve got 20 gremlin babies that frequently run wild through the Northern Wittelands, and this saves them every time!!
— Betty Gremlin


An incredibly large hot spring, home to a very old giant. The Farren Giant is a simple creature that moves incredibly slowly owing to his large size and very small heart. As it takes so much effort to push the blood around his body, he has poor circulation and is always very cold. As such, he has remained in the hot spring for thousands of years trying to keep himself warm. It is said that his body has provided important minerals to the hot spring, and as such the hot spring water and crystals have special qualities. He himself is covered in a magnesium, sulphate and calcium mix and appears as a white statue in the distance

Farren Giant

Longnams, pickled

Longnams are a type of sour vegetable that grow thin like a vanilla bean. In this state, they are poisonous, and so the vegetable needs to be pickled in pond water to dilute the poison inside. Once 30x their original size, they are safe to eat, but are still incredibly sour.

Looks similar to ginger, with a thin pale yellow skin. Incredibly sour and bitter, and the bulbs tend to be soft and filled with sour juice. The story is that these lemons grew from the tears of an angry witch, who felt spurned by the rest of humanity. They beat her and threatened her out of the city, after she tried selling the fruits in the market.

Quanquelberry Lemons


It has the body of an oxen, but instead of two individual horns, it has a bone crest that protects its neck. Their dairy is revered for its healing properties, however has an unpalatably sour flavour.


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